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Katz Azz Jerky

Cracked Pepper Jerky 150g CASE of 6

Cracked Pepper Jerky 150g CASE of 6

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Buck and I don't have a flavour called ‘Original’, but if we did, it would probably be a bit like our Cracked Pepper. The texture and flavour of our Cracked Pepper reveals a deeply naturally smoked and generously seasoned with several blends of international pepper corns. If you enjoy some deep peppered spice in your favourite snack, this is the perfect choice. Connoisseurs of fine smoked meat snacks are especially drawn to this flavour. Our jerky is naturally smoked with real specially selected wood stock. Don't crack the bag open until you're ready to empty the whole thing. This flavour is dangerously habit forming ! Order by the case ... It goes fast !!

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