SOLD OUT Smokehouse Maple Bacon 150g x CASE of 8

Oh the smell. This flavour doesn't seem to require much of a description at all! Here is the setting ... After an amazing sleep with fresh air and quiet surroundings, you are awakened by the most incredible smell coming from the kitchen. This is the unmistakable sound and aroma of sizzling bacon and maple smoked breakfast sausages. Hot pancakes with thick pads of butter and a river of Canadian maple syrup. Get the picture? Now rip open your bag of Smokehouse Maple Bacon Jerky, experience the event just described. This flavour is absolutely amazing and is one of our most popular for obvious reasons (mostly because YOU CANNOT STOP REACHING FOR MORE) Enroll in the auto shipping subscription program. You wont want to run out of this flavour. While it’s nice to share ... you’re probably not going to.

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