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Katz Azz Jerky

Sweet Teriyaki Jerky 150g CASE of 6

Sweet Teriyaki Jerky 150g CASE of 6

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As soon as you tear open your bag of KatzAzz Teriyaki Jerky, your sense of smell will be rewarded with a pleasant hint of spicy smoked asian influence. Take a moment to inhale deep as you reach in for a hand crafted bite size chunk. Your first bite confirms what your sense of smell has just suggested as the flavour reminds you of a smoked asian spice blend, and the texture is so very pleasant and satisfying to chew. You will feel a satisfying yet gentle after-taste of delayed spicy heat. Don't be surprised if you’re not able to stop reaching into the bag for another and another. If you are a fan of all things Teriyaki, welcome to KatzAzz Jerky Teriyaki. Fortunately, all KatzAzz Jerky bags are resealable and can be enjoyed for up to 72 hours later.

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