At KatzAzz Jerky, we simplify fundraising by offering hassle-free and flexible product supply. Say goodbye to the stress of pre-sales and minimum orders, and hello to successful, profitable campaigns. Let us help you make fundraising a breeze.

We have two plans to give you flexibility in your fundraising campaign. Both plans feature full refund or credit returns on unopened products returned within 60 days of its best before dates.

Plan A - Highest Profit

Choose this plan to maximize your profit margin. Buy product for $9/bag, sell for $15, and make $6 profit/bag.

Plan B - Pay Later

Choose this plan if you want to pay later and get fundraising immediately. Pay for product AFTER it is sold, sell for $15, and make $5 profit/bag.

Contact Us to Get FREE Sample Jerky

  • No Initial Cost & No Risk

    Zero upfront cost for jerky, with a convenient 30-day payment window and no-cost returns on unopened bags.

  • Highest Quality Product

    KatzAzz Jerky proudly boasts Canada's top approval rating, meeting or exceeding all health and quality standards.

  • Top Consumer Value

    Offer high-quality jerky at just $15 per bag, blending great taste with unbeatable value for your supporters.

  • High Profit

    Enjoy the advantage of high profit margins, making your fundraising goals more attainable than ever.

  • Consumable for Repeat Sales

    With the option for product cards featuring member contact information, you're set for ongoing fundraising success.

Take the Bite out of Fundraising

Founded in 2018 in Red Deer, Alberta, KatzAzz Jerky is the brainchild of Dale and Lee, known fondly as Biff and Buck. As Central Albertans with strong connections to youth sports, we understand the growing financial challenges in supporting young athletes. Our firsthand experience as grandparents to athletes fuels our passion for making fundraising effortless and efficient.

Recognizing the increasing burden on communities for donations, we've created KatzAzz Jerky - a straightforward, highly profitable fundraising option that stands out for its ease of sale and substantial value. We're changing the fundraising game by eliminating the hassles of pre-sales and high minimum orders. With our unique Plan B, we offer the product upfront, allowing you to sell first and pay later, minimizing financial barriers.

Our commitment extends beyond just providing products. We're dedicated to supporting you through every step of your fundraising journey, ensuring you achieve the most successful campaign possible. At KatzAzz Jerky, we're more than just a product - we're a partner in your fundraising success. Contact Biff and Buck anytime. Let's make it happen together