Our jerky is the KATZ AZZ! What makes it even better, (YES THAT'S POSSIBLE), is it's KETO FRIENDLY. Our Cracked Pepper and Mild Ghost Pepper Flavours only have 1g of sugar and 8-9g of protein in a serving. Paired with a healthy fat like nuts, cheese or avocado this is a delicious and easy keto snack!

MISSING CRACKERS? You can use jerky like a cracker and layer it with you favorite cream cheese spread and diced tomatoes or chives and you have a perfect substitute for crackers or French bread. Try Cracked Pepper Flavour with Pesto and Mozzarella cheese or Mild Ghost Pepper with Cream Cheese for a jalapeno popper like experience.

Looking for a quick on the go snack? Bring a bag of KATZ AZZ JERKY and some almonds, brazil nuts or sliced cheese and keep on track while you're on the go.

Keto Pairings

The possibilities are endless but here are a few ideas for KATZ AZZ JERKY pairings.